Constituent Colleges

SI Name of the College Principal / Prof-in-charge Contact Nos. E-Mail Details
1 R.D. & D.J. College, Munger Dr. Prabhat Kumar 0000000000 View Details
2 B R M College, Munger Dr. Ajit Kumar Thakur 6200501256 View Details
3 J. R. S. College, Jamalpur Dr. Deoraj Suman 9431097379 View Details
4 J.M.S.College, Munger Dr. Satyaditya Singh 9430449165 View Details
5 Jamalpur College, Jamalpur Sri Lalan Prasad Singh 9934442508 View Details
6 R.S. College, Tarapur Dr. Uday Shankar Das 7361889596 View Details
7 H.S. College, Haveli Kharagpur Dr. Binod Kumar 9431830685 View Details
8 K S S College, Lakhisarai Prof.(Dr.) Ajay Kumar 9031449394 View Details
9 B. N. M. College, Barhiya Dr. Ashutosh Kumar 9431492955 View Details
10 D.S.M. College, Jhajha Dr. Azfar Shamshi 9431236265 View Details
11 K.M.D.College,Parbatta Dr. Arvind Kr. Sharma 6205846451 View Details
12 S. K. R. College, Barbigha Dr. Nawal Prasad 8409947434 View Details
13 K K M College, Jamui Dr. Chandrama Singh 7717780793 View Details
14 K. D. S College, Gogri Dr. Diwakar Prasad 9199695478 View Details
15 Koshi College, Khagaria Dr. Tausif Mohsin 9430003079 View Details
16 R.D College, Sheikpura Dr. Diwakar Kumar 8084515730 View Details
17 Mahila College, Khagaria Dr. Kumari Nutan 8340257415 View Details