About Munger

Munger has been an ancient city and always remained politically alive and culturally awakened.

The ancient ‘Mudgalpuri’ or ‘Modagiri’ was in the beginning a very important city in the kingdom of ANGA. Both the important Epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata have many references about the importance of Munger.

The Chinese traveler, Hiuen Tsang, makes relevant references regarding Munger and its neighborhood where Buddhist momentries were in abundance.

Munger again came into focus when the Nawab of Bengal, Mir Kasim shifted his capital from Murshidabad to Munger. It was at Munger that the conflict between the English Company and the Bengal Nawab took its twist which eventually culminated into the famous battle of Buxar (1764).

The different places of national movement, and post – independence era throws fresh light and importance of the city of Munger. Swami Satyanand Sarswati founded the ‘Bihar School of Yoga’, which was under the guidance of Swami Nirananand is drawing world-wide attention for its ‘yogic research’ is the 1st Yoga University in the world.

The added attraction for the students of new Munger University is its cultural value. Besides being the place of ANGA King, Raja KARN, the religious importance of Munger with its ‘uttar-vahini‘ Ganga ranks only next to Varanasi in U. P. The Kashtarhni GhatChandi AsthanFort of Mir Kasim, KhanqahSita KundGoenka ShivalayKharagpur LakeBhim Bandh etc. are just few places to note.

The nascent Munger University under the dynamic guidance of its first Vice. Chancellor, is set to have a qualitative foundation on which super-structures can be built later on. As any University it its own scriptwriter through its various achievements.

Let us hope that the new Munger University is set to gain respect and honor as an ‘University of billion brains’ in ensuring days.