Pro Vice Chancellor

Pro Vice Chancellor

Education  is the most powerful tool in the hands of a man which can produce  unrelenting and steady effect of economic, social, political, religious and cultural significance and at the same time provide the rationality and perseverance to preserve the old rich tradition and welcome the new modern methods without overlooking either. With rich and glorious past of Indian higher education the responsibility on the newly created Munger university magnifies as it has to keep a fine balance  with rich and glorious traditions of ancient education system of India and at the same time competing with the modern universities across the globe. At present our stakeholders expect us to be rooted locally and providing global standards in education. To achieve this and make Munger university relevant in the national and international scenario, the focus has to be on knowledge accumulation and its application with high standards of research which can be achieved by developing the scientific temper in its pupil , facilitated by the research oriented faculties. This approach is sure to put Munger University in an advantageous positional nationally as well as internationally.

The geographical and historical relevance  of Munger university becomes more important in the backdrop of the fact that  modern Bihar or Magadha of ancient time was considered one of the earliest seats of learning . The ancient  seats of learning having an authority and reputation ,the world famous  Taxila, Nalanda , Vikramshila university were part of marvelous and luminous Magadha empire where the modern Munger University is located. Values of human life was always given equal or higher importance compared to philosophical, astronomical, religious, political education and discourses. This aspect of ancient education system which focuses on character building leading to national building should be included in the modern education system.

In the modern world too, India is has emerging as center of knowledge and skill. Bihar is trying to keep its pace with national educational objectives. During the last few years many new educational reforms have been initiated in the field of higher education. New institutions of education including state and central universities are being set up. The creation of Munger University is a part of the new initiative.

It is an undeniable fact  that the education scenario in Bihar is not fully up to mark. Much more is needed to meet national and International standards. We need to incorporate some of the elements of ancient Gurkuls and Mahavihara’s system with a totally updated education pattern.

 The need of the hour is to draw a road-map for the development and shaping the destiny of higher education  and to catch up with International standards, besides reviving the past glory by transforming India into a skilled, scientific and knowledge society. Only then  india can become Vishwa Guru which is the dream of our Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi ji.

To cope with the demands of 21stcentury, opportunities of using social networks, cloud resources and Wikibooks in teaching of IT-disciplines should be considered. The possibilities of these web services in the development of educational content of IT-disciplines and the  organization of new forms and methods of learning activities should be discussed. Scoping review and synthesis of own pedagogical experience allows making conclusions about beneficial use of web services in the educational content production. Web services allow creating virtual environment for collaboration of teachers and students.

World class Universities are known for original research with  basic and advanced technology and methodology. Hence  the

  • University should match up with current requirements of education and research and equip the students with recent skills.
  • University needs creation and upgradation of infrastructure, especially at library and laboratories.
  • The University should focus on networking. It will enable students and faculty members to share their scholarly works and best practices.
  • The University should aim at keeping the knowledge and skills of their faculty updated
  • The University should recognize that quality faculty can give quality and desired results. Faculties with notable contributions should be recognized and rewarded with higher emoluments, facilities, out of turn promotions etc.

These  objectives can be achieved only under the stewardship of dedicated and visionary leadership.It is our motto to sharpen the edge of this weapon i.e Education.It is our belief that Munger University will have a lot of potential with good vision, mission and dedication for the cause of the upliftment of higher education of Bihar. Munger University will march  ahead to established a new and important milestone in the field of higher education. So let us come and Join hands for a new beginning.